Weekend paper round: 7 to 8 March 2009 - Press Gazette

Weekend paper round: 7 to 8 March 2009

Ashley Cole threatens to sue The Sun if it prints photos (Sat Sun p4)
Revealed: Extensive police surveillance of journalists (Sat Guardian p1)
US judge says reporters can Twitter from court (Sat Guardian p24)
Guardian misreports date of death of own correspondent (Sat Guardian p32)
Indy claims a first offering free CD of band’s debut album (Sat Independent p3)
WPP chief executive predicts comeback for ‘old media’ (Sat Telegraph p33)
Newspaper group Mecom warns of cost cuts (FT Weekend p14)
‘Afternoon of the long knives’ at Evening Standard (Sindy p87)
Johnston Press to axe dividend and announce huge writedowns (Mail on Sunday p51)
How Metro has changed Fleet Street 10 years on (Observer business p9)
‘Lords for hire’ inquiry begins after Sunday Times investigation (Sunday Times p5)
Our fascination with Jade’s grim reality (Sunday Times p16)
Sunday Times is only quality to increase its sale (Sunday Times p2)
Incredible bulk of the Daily Mail (Sun Express business p4)
Flood of ‘sell’ orders for Trinity Mirror shares (Sun Express business p4)
Daily Star trumpets rise in circulation figures (Sat Star p2)

Saga editor-in-chief tipped for Reader’s Digest role (Sindy p87)

Another all-time low for ITV share price (Sat Mail p96)
Greg Dyke: ITV is in a classic lose-lose situation (Sat Times p18)
ITV investors want Michael Grade to appoint chief executive (Mail on Sunday p47)
South Bank Show under threat as ITV’s revenue streams run dry (Sindy p87)
Stars threaten to walk from ITV (Daily Star Sunday p3)
Judy Finnigan on the demise of ITV regional programming (Sat Express p21)
ITV asks staff to take unpaid leave (People p6)
ITV vision gets poor reception (Sunday Telegraph business p5)
Share award for ITV chiefs (Sunday Times business p3)
Scrap ‘ludicrous’ TV licence fee rise say Tories (Mail on Sunday p15)
Josef Fritzl to give exclusive interview to Austrian TV (People p11)
BBC staff offered ‘gold-plated’ relocation deal (Sunday Times p11)
Redundant BBC radio journalist becomes mobile library driver (Sat Times p71)
John Humphrys finally persuaded to own a mobile phone (Sat Mail p52)
Obama team take gloves off for fight with radio host Rush Limbaugh (Sat Times p45)
Man in the news profile: Rush Limbaugh (FT Weekend p11)



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