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This week in Press Gazette - Journalism Weekly: THE DAY OF RECKONING

 THE DAY OF RECKONING Nearly two years after David Cameron called for a public inquiry into phone-hacking and the press the talking is finally going to stop and Parliament must decide on the way ahead.

A revised Royal Charter-backed press regulator genuinely independent of publishers and Parliament offers the best compromise now for a regulation regime which tackles past excesses and is workable.

3 Pregnant Weaver one of four Mirror hacking arrests A heavily pregnant Tina Weaver was one of three serving and former national newspaper editors to be arrested on Thursday as the hacking scandal spread to Trinity Mirror.

4 Editor has tribunal delayed amid charity's legal threat The former editor and founder of axed architectural magazine Cornerstone has had his employment tribunal pushed back by a year as the title’s publisher attempts to sue him.

“The implications for journalists, if the claim is successful, are quite stark: watch out if you ever ask a fellow journalist to do any work for your publication, since your proprietor might suddenly decide to sue you.”

6 Bethany Usher: I was wrongly arrested after source lied to police Former News of the World journalist Bethany Usher this week revealed she was wrongly arrested because a source failed to remember giving her access to a voicemail message.

I was called names that only women got called in these sorts of situations, there were suggestions about why I may have become a successful tabloid journalist at a young age, and when I was cleared it all stopped.”

8 Women in journalism: Is it swings and roundabouts? Last Friday, on International Women’s Day, Press Gazette asked readers to name the most inspiring female journalists. After a huge response, ex-Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin came top. Why aren't more women winning top industry awards?

9 PM calls for vote on Royal Charter David Cameron said that press owners would have refused to sign up to the system of press regulation backed by statute called for by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

“The route I have set out is the fastest possible way to deliver the strong self-regulation body that Leveson proposed that can put in place million-pound fines, prominent apologises and get justice for victims in this country."

10 How news agency found way to make online pay Last week owner of Central European News agency Michael Leidig wrote in Press Gazette about the challenges facing news agencies. This week he reveals how CEN has changed its business model to meet the challenges of the digital era.

12 Commercial pressure has sinister edge for B2B journalists A recent article published by Press Gazette, ‘Why journalists need to assert the importance of editorial material’, touched on several key points that hit home. While it ultimately came across as an advertorial, the observations it raised bear discussion.

Not only are staff journalists expected to produce content at a blistering rate of pace, but we’re also expected to be event hosts, marketers, spokespeople and salespersons all in one. And too often, reporters are being asked to accommodate commercial concerns in their day-to-day roles.

13 Bradshaw riposte: Local TV needed for local democracy Former Labour Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw told Press Gazette last week that he thought plans to launch a network of local TV stations would be a “flop”.
Here Bill Smith – proprietor of Brighton-based local TV licensee The Latest – hits back:

It’s not all about money, Ben, but an indication of Channel 8’s success (Channel 45 in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland although I hope that will change soon) could be that all the major advertising national sales houses are talking to the local TV network and in some places we already sell a lot of ads. Brighton for one.

16 Associated Press series exposes the Dirty Game Associated Press last month released the Dirty Game Series, a string of in-depth multimedia packages on match-fixing in football.

"I think FIFA would agree that this is a major danger to the sport and as such I think it’s important to the sport that it be reported on."

17 Freelance of the week: Best gig? Exposing 'buy a bride' industry in Ukraine Helen Croydon is a freelance journalist working across both print and broadcast media with a focus on “anything with a fresh angle on relationships, love and sexuality”. She started her journalism career in local radio then worked for various divisions of ITN as a presenter, producer and reporter. Helen is the author of Sugar Daddy Diaries, a confessional memoir about the attraction of older men, published in March this year.

"I sat through a painfully long induction day sardined between two Polish men who smelled. On the second day, just as I got my uniform and headed for the conveyor belts, I was pulled aside, ushered into a room and asked who I worked for. How they found out I still don’t know."

22 Axegrinder: Double standards from Trevor Kavanagh? and Private Frazer celebrates five years of being miserable



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