Wayne Rooney sues Daily Mirror over sex stories

England football star Wayne Rooney has launched a legal action over stories about his off-pitch extra-marital activities.

Press Gazette understands that the married footballer is not suing the Sunday Mirror and the News of the World, which both splashed on 5 September with the news that he had paid for sex with a prostitute. But he is instead suing the Daily Mirror over stories which appeared the following week and which made new allegations about his sex life.

Rooney issued a writ against Mirror Group Newspapers on 9 September via lawyers Schillings. Press Gazette understands that he is claiming for both invasion of privacy and breach of the data protection act.

At present three England footballers have injunctions out preventing newspaper revelations about their private lives. However Rooney opted not to try to obtain an injunction prior to the News of the World and Sunday Mirror revelations.

Footballers have proved to be among the most litigious of celebrities in recent months when it has come to guarding their privacy and reputations.

Last month, Rooney launched a libel action against The Sun over two stories suggesting he confirmed a holiday booking after figuring that England would be knocked out of the World Cup.

Last week England footballer Peter Crouch accused The Sun of infringing his privacy by revealing that his girlfriend was pregnant.

Crouch has also recently been on the receiving end of a kiss and tell expose in the News of the World.

Wayne Rooney’s spokesman Ian Monk declined to comment to Press Gazette. A spokesman for the Daily Mirror also declined to comment.


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