War delays APTN plans to introduce digital newsroom

Broadcast news agency APTN’s preparations to convert its newsroom into a digital operation have been pushed back till October this year. The move from a tape-based newsroom to a digital environment was meant to commence in March, but the war in Iraq derailed the planned schedule. The installation of digital servers and desktop editing packages will speed up delivery of footage to the newsroom and enable the agency to format news packages more quickly and more specifically for its client broadcasters around the world.

“During the war, with the huge volume of material passing through the newsroom, it would have been disruptive to introduce it then, as we wouldn’t have had time to digest the new system,” said Nigel Baker, APTN’s director of content. “With the conversion, instead of sending footage out on satellite feed, we will be able to deliver it as digital files which are more user-friendly for more users, such as those with wireless devices.

“And it means journalists will be able to work faster, as they won’t be moving between desks to edit their news packages.”

APTN supplies video news footage to most of the world’s broadcasters, including the BBC, ITN and Qatar-based station Al-Jazeera.

By Wale Azeez

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