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Want to be a journalist? Read Press Gazette's free 20-page guide to journalism training

Press Gazette’s latest guide to journalism training is now available for free online.

The 20-page supplement aims to provide those interested in becoming a journalistwith everything they need to know to start out on this exciting and fulfilling – yet sometimes precarious – career.

The key message is, if you want to be a journalist – unless you are very lucky – you will need to get practical training in the skills you will need in a newsroom to stand any chance of finding a job. Whether you go for a 20-week NCTJ course at your local FE college, opt for a three-year-degree, an MA course or diploma is the big question.

This supplement brings together advice from journalists, academics, trainers and recent journalism course graduates to help aspiring journalists make an informed decision.

If in doubt – check the employment stats for the course you are considering. Unless a large proportion of those completing the course have found real journalism jobs, the chances are it is not going to provide you with the practical training you need.

And of course any aspiring journalist should ensure they are armed with a subscription to Press Gazette. Students can subscribe for just £40 a  year.

Press Gazette magazine provides the essential inside track on British journalism as well as access to a digital archive of back-copies dating back to 2005 which is an essential tool for anyone conducting research about journalism. To subscribe now call 0845 155 1845.

The Press Gazette journalism training supplement was included with the October edition of Press Gazette magazine and also posted to more than 3,000 sixth form college and university careers libraries.



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