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Wall of silence from five news organisations on Press Gazette's phone-hacking questions

2.45pm 18 Jan update: Guardian News and Media has now answered Press Gazette’s phone-hack questions:

It’s no secret that mobile phone voicemail  “hacking” was widespread across Fleet Street before the 2007 jailing of of the News of the World’s Goodman and Mulcaire.

As one former high-profile showbiz journalist (not from the News of the World) told me:  “Lot’s of journalists were doing it. It was quite normal practice. If you think of a celebrity scoop from that era it probably came as a result of phone-hacking.”

So we thought it would be fun to ask a few news organisations other than the News of the World some questions about phone-hacking for the Big Question feature in the February edition of Press Gazette.

As this is a pretty sensitive issue, we thought we would ask ones that are reasonably transparent and helpful when it comes to enquiries from Press Gazette: Guardian News and Media, Telegraph Media Group, Trinity Mirror, the BBC and the Daily Mail.

Even the those who  have been most probing in their demands for answers about what has been going at News International declined to say anything.

We need to find a new Big Question for the Feb issue, but for the record – here’s what happened:

PG features writer Nikki Wicks:

“How seriously do you think the News of the World phone hacking allegations have undermined the reputation of British journalism?

“Have you ever had a complaint about one of your journalists being involved in phone hacking?

“What steps have you taken to ensure that none of your journalists are involved in phone hacking?”

What they said:

The BBC:  “We don’t have anyone to comment on this one.”

Guardian News and Media:  “Thanks for thinking about us for this feature.  I have been looking into this for you and unfortunately no one is available.”

Trinity Mirror:  “I’m sorry we are not able to help on this one.”

Telegraph Media Group:  “Thanks for asking and for following up.  This won’t be one for us, but another time do get in touch.”

The Daily Mail: no response (yet).



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