Voxpop: Will the Independent on Sunday's new look woo younger readers?

Tariq Aslam, 18, maths and finance student

‘I buy Sunday papers from time to time. It’s usually the Mail on Sunday that I read, particularly the sport section. A more compact Sunday paper would appeal to young people – it’d be easier to handle.”

Christina Palomeno, 21, sociology student

‘I sometimes buy The Sun or Daily Mirror, but I’m not bothered about the Sunday papers. A Sunday paper with more of a magazine feel would appeal to me more, but it would depend on the cover story. I’ll probably buy it at least once, because it’s a new style.”

Lionel Deakins, 28, event manager

‘I’m more likely to read a daily, to be honest.

My first thought is that it doesn’t look like a newspaper, so I suppose it might appeal to younger people more. It’ll definitely fit into the modern world better, but it might not appeal to the usual Independent on Sunday readers.”

Jahedur Rahman, 23, media studies teacher

‘I always buy The Observer. It gives a really good outlook on everything and has a broad variety of pull-out sections. I’m mostly interested in their coverage of international news. The whole point of Sunday papers is to spend the day leisurely browsing and reading more in-depth features. A more compact news summary is something I’d pick up in the week.”

Andrew Burton, 22, journalism student

‘I’ll sometimes read the Sunday papers – it’s the glossy supplements and the sections covering music, film and cooking that I like. The new Independent on Sunday design could put off their regular readers.”

Gemma Pritchard, 22, journalism student

‘I normally read either The Observer or the Independent on Sunday. They both have a good layout and lots of content. I like all the supplements and there’s more time to read them on a Sunday. Having a compact version is a good idea – it’s less daunting than the bigger papers.”

Interviews by Catherine Airlie

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