VNU expands Computing team to staff new monthly

Data Business is edited by Chris Green, Computing’s technical editor

VNU’s weekly IT title Computing is expanding its editorial team in order to produce a new monthly publication, Data Business.

Data Business will cover all aspects of data management, security and storage and is being delivered to information managers as a bound-in supplement inside Computing from the 28 October issue.

Chris Green, Computing’s technical editor and editor of Data Business, said: “We have been studying the market and readership for some time and feel that now is the time to launch Data Business. The initial delivery platform, placing the magazine inside a well regarded, well established title such as Computing is a great start for Data Business. It will be available to 100,000 readers, many of who are information managers. There is always potential to expand, depending on the short and medium term reaction to the title, but I am confident it will be well received.”

Each month Data Business will provide readers with in-depth analysis of the impact of new technologies, changing legislation and industry regulation on the collection and use of data.

“The vast majority of businesses in the UK are reliant on their IT to the point where they have data sitting on their servers or on their PCs which is of huge financial value to them. Data Businesses is aimed at information managers – the senior figures within companies responsible for data storage and security,” said Green.

Each issue will also provide a comprehensive crib sheet on a relevant issue which can be kept for reference.

These sheets will be converted to PDFs and will be available on the website.

Miya Knight is one of the new members of Computing’s editorial team and has been recruited from within VNU.

The appointment follows the recent closure of the news centre that VNU set up four years ago which had six journalists working in a pool across the company’s titles ( Press Gazette , 15 October). The journalists are in a 30-day consultation period in an attempt to find them positions elsewhere in the company.

By Caitlin Pike

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