Veteran Gall returns to Afghanistan

Former ITN foreign correspondent Sandy Gall, who reported on the war in Afghanistan throughout the 1980s, returns to the television screen in November to front a documentary examining the history of conflict in the war-torn country.

Afghanistan: War Without End, is a one-hour documentary co-produced by veteran broadcaster Gall and The History Channel. It will include footage of his reports of the war as he followed the Mujahadeen’s bloody struggle against the invading Russian forces.

It will also feature up-to-date commentary on Afghanistan in the wake of the resurgence of the Taliban and the country’s indigenous warlords.

Moved by what he saw while reporting on the war, Gall went on to become personally involved in Afghanistan by establishing Sandy Gall’s Afghanistan Appeal – a charity which has clinics in Jalalabad and Kabul set up to help victims of mines and other explosives resulting from the conflict.

The Appeal also specialises in providing artificial limbs, physiotherapy and walking aids for child polio victims.

Gall’s film, to be shown on The History Channel on 24 November, marks his first return to television since he filed news reports for Five News’ Classic Reporting series in December 2002. He also went to work on LBC as world affairs correspondent in January 2003.

Wale Azeez

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