US regional newspaper circulation plunge - but nationals hold their own

Plunging circulation for the San Francisco Chronicle – the paper in
the hometown of internet phenomenon Craigslist – could provide a grim
warning for UK newspapers.

The latest circulation figures from the US show: the San
Fransisco paper down 15 per cent year-on-year, the Los Angeles Times
down five per cent, San Jose Mercury down eight per cent and the
Washington Post down four per cent.

The Boston Globe and the Baltimore Sun are both down nine per cent.

However, it is not all bad news from the US – papers with a more national circulation are holding up better.

USA Today is up one per cent to 2,270,000, the New York Times is
up half a per cent to 1,142,000 and the Wall Street Journal’s weekday
edition is down just one per cent to 2,049,000.



It really is no surprise that the San Francisco
Chronicle is showing a heavy drop in circulation. The economy in this part of
the world is in a real depression although the US government will do anything to
portray 'good times'. Frankly the place is close to bust…and a lot of the
middle classes are trying to put a brave face but now the realisation is
So, will Britain's newspapers take a dive? well if
price increases continue people will start turning away…But just study the
fall in 'home delivery' British publishers pump millions into catching the odd
casual sale….leaving their bread and butter sales to fed up newsagent with
limited interest in expanding this side of their that's more
Dennis Jared
senior consultant jaredmedia


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