Unseen until now - Mickey Blair

A new exhibition is showcasing photographs that take pride of place in photographers’ portfolios but were never published, including one of Tony Blair looking like Mickey Mouse, writes Sarah Boden.

Unseen presents pictures that got pushed off newspaper pages due to changing news agendas or that were simply overlooked by busy picture editors.

Organised by the British Press Photographers’ Association and Borkowski PR, the pictures range from stark images of atrocity in war zones to candid shots of celebrities caught off guard.

The exhibition, which is accompanied by a book of the same name, is showing at Inside Space, London from 23 June to 19 July. Borkowski said: “We’re working with the BPPA on this to acknowledge the debt that we owe to so many photographers, to focus attention on an art that is too often taken for granted, and to bring to light some exceptional examples of the photographer’s art, often captured at extreme risk to the individuals involved”.

Sarah Boden

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