Business platform for media: Affino combines everything from CRM to CMS

Having one unified business platform helps publishers save money and scale quickly

Key clients of Affino unified business platform

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The Affino unified business platform for media streamlines and expands publishers’ operational capabilities and lowers overheads at the same time.

Affino’s core mission has always been to provide the most productive and profitable platform for companies to run their businesses on. To those ends, Affino has been engineered from the start as an interconnected system that oversees every engagement, interaction and transaction between the client business and its prospects, customers and members.

Affino business platform’s comprehensive coverage


Affino has a core Audience CRM at the heart of the systems through which everything is coordinated – it is integrally interconnected with every part of the business/solution.

  • Affino has ten core functional areas:
  • the full-range Audience CRM
  • sales and marketing automation
  • e-commerce
  • subscriptions and memberships
  • messaging
  • CMS
  • events
  • ad serving
  • recruitment.

Affino covers every significant part of the business cycle and customer life-cycle – engaging suspects, onboarding prospects, servicing customers, motivating regulars and leveraging advocates. Publishing industry users of Affino include Agribriefing, Ocean Media Group and The Stage (main picture).

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  • Innovation Reports
  • In-depth Analysis

Smart automation on the Affino business platform for media


A key automation component of Affino is its Customer Ladder and Conversion Events functionalities, which connect and automate aspects of every facet of a user’s interaction, engagement and transaction with a publisher’s business.

Users can set up incredibly far-reaching chained workflows with several automations combined – and in turn granting permissions, credits and other user rewards and incentives.

Another smart feature is the Converting Articles functionality which tracks the last items of content a prospect consumed before they bought something – whether product, subscription or event ticket. The Converting Articles Reports show publishers which of your content is the most influential in driving sales. They can automatically use that intel to serve personalised converting content and automated mailings which trigger further conversions.

Operation efficiencies from a unified business platform


With the Affino Unified Business Platform – everything is seamlessly interconnected, and unlike typical hybrid enterprise stack solutions – which can have dozens of APIs and integrations to maintain – you spend no time maintaining those interrelations.

The fact that Affino does so much of the heavy lifting, and integrates with ease, means that its clients can deploy more of their resources to targeting business opportunities – rather than maintaining the complex workings of all the integrations.

Affino is a universal platform that can be used by all staff, customers and members.

Extensive site security means businesses can partition the solution – and collaborate across all departments. With more typical alternative implementations you often get every department using their own independent solutions rather than working together.

Affino unified business platorm for media key services

Speed of deployment


Because of all Affino’s inherent capabilities – project progress tends to be faster than for an equivalent array of systems helped by Affino’s speed of change in adapting to changing conditions and capitalising on arising opportunities.

Affino clients tend to be more fluid and agile than their competitors – in part because of Affino’s expansive capabilities. It is engineered so that the smallest of teams can make a huge impact. For many Affino sites there is a minimal team running the system and everyone in that client company can access and make use of Affino across all the different customer targeting disciplines.

The fact that Affino is a comprehensive and fully interconnected system means that it can serve up everything to a full-service fidelity standard.

Affino is one of the few systems that has been providing comprehensive first-party data and intelligence from the start. Smart analytics screens and dashboards allow you to monitor every aspect of every activity – and create further automations and triggers from that behaviour.

*This article was produced in association with Press Gazette trusted commercial partner, Affino.



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