Uncut pushes Mojo into third

Uncut performed best of the music titles, recording its 11th consecutive increase and overtaking Mojo for the first time.

Kerrang! lost sales for the first time in four years, down 16.2 per cent, and was overtaken by NME.

Neil Robinson, publishing director of IPC’s Uncut and NME, said: “When Uncut launched it underperformed and we had to cut costs to keep it going, but the editorial team has stuck with it. This is by no means the ceiling of Uncut’s sales. It will grow at a reasonably fast rate.”

He added: “We thought NME would win market leadership back from Kerrang! but that it would take three years. We plan a big redesign in the autumn so to take leadership and still have the relaunch to go is great.”

Metal Hammer and Rock Sound were down 18.6 and 28.2 per cent respectively, while Q was up 7.2 per cent year-on-year.

Stuart Williams, managing director of rock at Emap, said he was pleased with Q because X-Ray, Word and Bang had launched. “There were three entries in the last six months all attacking that market so we’re really happy. Our information suggests they are not selling more than 20,000 copies. They are picking off niche parts of the market,” he added.

Williams said there was room for more launches and that Emap had two projects on the go.

Andy Sutcliffe, group publisher of Bang, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock, said the launches had had an impact.

“Our magazines have filled a gap for young fans interested in that type of music. I think they are valid extra titles into the market and I believe Bang will grow into a big magazine,” he said. Classic Rock was also up 12.9 per cent.

Mixmag, the only dance title left in the sector, continued to lose sales, down 28.2 per cent to 53,212. But Stephen Palmer, managing director of pop at Emap, said he didn’t think the sector was dying.

“There are things going on that give us hope. There are reports of raves in Hertfordshire and there’s a bit more excitement around it all. I am not betting my mortgage on it but I am pretty confident that the next ABC will show an improvement.”

By Mary Stevens

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