UK Libel Reform Bill to be published 'next week'

The long-awaited Libel Reform Bill is expected to be published as early as next week, according to the Libel Reform Campaign.

This promises to be the biggest step forward for press freedom in a generation.

It is hoped that the bill will become law by the end of next year and from what we know so far it should include measures to provide new protections for responsible journalism in the public interest, to stop libel tourism, to curb the huge cost of defending libel actions and to create a new time-limit on actions involving web stories.

The Libel Reform Campaign has urged supporters of its campaign to write their MPs urging them to support the bill and to attend an event at Parliament next Thursday launching their leaflet: ‘What Should a Defamation Bill Contain?”.

Here John Kampfner from Index on Censorship explains why journalists should support the Libel Reform Campaign.

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