Two new titles for homes sector

First Home: a new launch from Carlton Stanhope Media

A new publishing venture is planning to target first-time house buyers as part of its plan to launch four consumer magazines by May.

Carlton Stanhope Media was set up in September by Rob Lehmann, former managing director of WV Publications. Its first two launches, First Home and Future Home, were unveiled this week.

First Home is a 132-page monthly aimed at first-time buyers. Future Home is a bimonthly dedicated to linking IT technologies to home entertainment.

Lehmann plans to launch two more titles in May – one aimed at men and the other at women. They will be either monthly or bimonthly consumer specialist magazines and are likely to be an extension of the ‘FirstÉ’ theme, following his success with the ‘WhatÉ’ series of magazines at WV.  "We believe there are still opportunities for well-produced consumer titles. Advertisers want to grab people the first time around," he said. Lehmann told Press Gazette he expects to almost double the 12- strong staff by May, when he will look for two new editors, deputy editors, sub-editors and designers to join the launches.

He is also looking at acquisitions.

"I am in the market to acquire. I have one title on the table that I am considering at the moment," he said.

Lehmann founded WV Publications 20 years ago, before it was sold to Highbury House Communications for £7m in 1996. WV’s portfolio included Women’s Health, Health and Fitness and Home Cinema Choice. Several former WV/Highbury staff are working with Lehmann on the new launches.

First Home is edited by Dan Bromage, former editor of Pregnancy and an ex-publisher at Highbury House. It is due out in February with a cover price of £2.95 and print run of 55,000.

Lehmann said: "Mortgage magazines seem to just focus on that element. First-time buyers need a huge amount of information, from dealing with solicitors to check-lists. A lot of people may get scared by seeing a crack in the wall. First Home will guide them on that."

Future Home, edited by former WV editors Ashley Norris and Chris Price, "will talk about integrating technologies, such as linking your lighting to security or your mobile by broadband. It has been talked about for ages but now it is a reality", said Lehmann. It is due to launch in January with a print run of 35,000 and anticipated settle-down sales of 17,000.

By Ruth Addicott

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