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TV listings for those who live and work in London

By Ruth Addicott

A free listings magazine is due to launch next month, called The Vision.

The A4 title is the result of a joint partnership between the owners of the Press Ready brand of TV listings and Fit Partnership – headed by former Mirror staffers Johnny French and Mel Ives.

It will be distributed weekly to selected households in London and a number of large shopping centres, airports and railway stations.

The 40-page title will feature celebrity interviews, gossip about TV soaps and entertainment and lifestyle features as well as seven days’ listings from Saturday to Friday, including terrestrial and comprehensive cable and satellite information.

“The audience of The Vision is not served by any other single publication,” Ives said. “We have an extremely high penetration of people who work, and live, in London – all of whom have access to an average of 1.9 televisions and therefore will perceive The Vision as having considerable value.”

Ruth Addicott