'Transparent' ABC changes

In response to your leader headlined “ABC figures don’t tell the
whole story” (Press Gazette, 17 June), I’d like to clarify ABC’s
current position.

Through the work of the ABC Council, Sector
Specialist Committees, and such initiatives as Blue Sky days, we are
continually reviewing the rules and regulations that govern the use of
ABC figures as a media currency. This is to ensure that they are
relevant to the market and are in line with the needs of all parties.

changes must reflect the core brand values of the ABC currency to
ensure it remains totally transparent, so media buyers and advertisers
can continue to compare the performance of titles, and have full access
to all the information that they require.

Portfolio or brand
reporting is an area that is under review on a regular basis, but while
some parties suggest the solution is simply adding sets of audit
figures together regardless of their type, this isn’t necessarily
acceptable to everyone.

As with any other potential rule changes
that arise, any move to this form of additional reporting needs to be
developed carefully, while in close consultation with all interested
parties within the media industry, ensuring transparency is fully

Chris Boyd chief executive, ABC

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