Tory MP: Telegraph investigation has become witch-hunt

A Tory MP has attacked the Daily Telegraph’s investigation into MPs’ expenses – accusing the paper of “doing the reputation of British journalism a lot of damage”.

Northampton South MP Brian Binley made the Telegraph front page on Wednesday with a story headed: “Tory claims £57,000 to rent flat from own company”.

Writing in the Independent today, the MP said he had tried to explain his situation to a Telegraph reporter before publication, but said “they were going to run a story about me whatever I said”.

“Sadly, such is now the Telegraph’s thirst and hunger for making mischief that it has long since abandoned the idea of fair and honest reporting,” he wrote.

Binley added: “This has gone too far, and it is about time someone stood up to them. They have taken it upon themselves to become judge and jury, without any thought to seeking the truth before they publish.”

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