Too much information

The BBC has produced some powerful coverage of the London bombings.

24 pulled off a terrific scoop by getting an eye-witness account of the
shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes by police at Stockwell
tube station on air so quickly after the event.

But some of the expert analysis on the BBC has left something to be desired.

we really need to know, as we were informed by a professor on Friday’s
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, that the terrorists bombs would have gone
off if they had mixed in a bit of military explosive?

professor also told listeners to the programme, some of whom would have
been heading into London to work, that while people could get over one
terrorist attack, a series would have a much bigger impact. Er, thanks

Why not leave it to the BBC journalists to report and
analyse the attacks on London without getting experts to point out to
the terror gangs just where they are going wrong?

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