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The latest word on hi-tech products to be found on the market, so you are never caught cold.


If you have limited desk space either at home or in the office and don’t want the hassle of getting a separate printer, photocopier and scanner, then an all-in-one is what you should be looking at. Lexmark ( has been a leader in offering value for money all-in-one units and the latest the X5150 is no exception.

Working with both Windows and Mac systems, it has some pretty impressive features including being able to print up to 19 pages a minute in mono and 14 in colour.

The X5150 can also work on its own without the need for the computer to be switched on.

Having used its smaller sibling the X73 for over a year, having an all-in-one has certainly allowed me to be more productive as it frees up space and makes it quicker and easier to print, scan and photocopy without having to work across three different units.

With many additional features in the X5150, it certainly is a serious consideration for anyone looking for an all-in-one and at £179 offers real value for money.

Virus Filter

Staggering fact of the month: one in every 145 e-mails sent in January contained a virus.

The information came from Internet services company Via Networks.

Of course, some people may get more virus attacks than others, my own filtering software seems to be stopping at least three viruses a day that are sent by e-mail.

I can’t emphasise it more highly, if you value what is on your computer and don’t want to lose it, make sure you have virus protection for the sake of £20 or even less, you are saving on headaches later on.

Equally important is making sure you back up all your data on a regular basis. With the price of CD writers being very cheap, the cost of saving huge amounts of data can just run into pennies.

If all the wires of your computer are getting you down as you see all the clutter it makes, then going wireless could be the solution.

Computer company Gyration ( has just released a new mouse and also offers a special bundle of mouse and cordless keyboard.

Ultra Mouse allows you to do work and make presentations without being near the computer, which can be up to 25 feet away. Price on its own is £79 or included in a bundle, with a keyboard, is £99.

World of 3G

With everyone talking about the impending launch of 3G mobile phone services, news aggregator Newsnow ( has launched a news feed covering all the latest in the world of 3G.

Since launching in 1997, Newsnow has expanded its services and now tracks more than 7,000 news sources.

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