Times religion correspondent reveals why there's a big grin on Lily Allen's face

Axegrinder is grateful to The Times’s religion correspondent, Ruth Gledhill, for revealing that she is the stepmother of Lily Allen’s latest ‘conquest’, Simon Franks of dance duo Audio Bullys. 

Interviewed in Q magazine, the singer admits they had slept together, telling the reporter: ‘Well, he’s hot. He’s cute, isn’t he? I had a sleep-over two nights ago and he came along.

‘Quite young, for me. What d’you wanna know? How big his c*** is? It’s very nice.” 

Excited by Lily’s comments about the ‘attributes’ of her stepson, Ruth soon informed her followers on Twitter: ‘If Simon Franks is anything like his dad then Lily is a very lucky girl indeed.’ 

Simon’s father is Gledhill’s husband, Alan Franks, who writes features for The Times. 

Expect much juvenile sniggering and finger-pointing next time ‘Big Alan’ visits the office.

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