Times fights to name boy rapist

The Royal Leamington Spa Times is fighting to win the right to name a 15-yearold boy who raped an 11-year-old girl in a Sainsbury's toilet cubicle.

Judge Marten Coates at Warwick Crown Court upheld a Section 39 order on the grounds that the "fall out" would affect the boy's family.

The boy admitted four other charges of sexually assaulting women. During the case John Atkinson, defending, pointed out the youth had been receiving counselling prior to the incidents and said "it is clear to the defence there are issues which need to be clarified".

Times editor Darren Parkin explained that he felt duty-bound to urge the judge to lift restrictions.

"I believe the identity of any person found responsible for this most sickening crime is in the public's interest," he said.

"While I respectfully bow to the decision of the judge on this occasion I felt it my duty to make the application for reporting restrictions to be lifted.

"I shall submit the application again at the next hearing and I would ask my colleagues on other newspapers and media serving the area to do their duty as well."

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