Times columnist takes helm at monthly Standpoint magazine

Times columnist takes helm at monthly Standpoint magazine

Times columnist and former Economist senior editor Edward Lucas will take the helm at monthly politics and culture magazine Standpoint.

Lucas, who spent 23 years at the Economist, only leaving in 2017, has been named acting editor of Standpoint by the Trustees of the Social Affairs Unit, the charitable body which owns the magazine.

Chairman of the trustees, Prof Simon Green, said Lucas, a security policy expert who has written a book about Vladimir Putin’s Russia, “couples editorial expertise with originality and gravitas.”

Lucas has been a regular contributor to Standpoint,which was founded in May 2008.

He said: “I am thrilled to have the chance to help Standpoint fulfil its potential as a lively champion of unfashionable causes such as the virtues of western civilisation and transatlanticism.

“I will preserve the paper’s founding mission, while adding new notes of eclecticism. Standpoint should provoke and entertain, as well as inform.”

Standpoint’s advisory board includes Michael Gove MP, playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, Frank Field MP, artist David Hockney and Lord Lawson.


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  1. Not much of a diverse advisory board – 1st challenge for you? Age, class, gender, race – someone 20 years younger than average age of the board & I say that as a 71 year old! Congratulations on your appointment.

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