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Times boasts more than 100,000 digital subscribers

There are now more than 100,000 digital subscribers to The Times and The Sunday Times one year after it introduced its paywall, owners News International claimed today.

At the end of June The Times and The Sunday Times had 101,036 monthly digital subscribers– a 28 per cent increase from 79,000 in February 2011.

The figures include subscribers to all digital channels such as the websites, iPad and the Kindle.

According to figures released today, The Times is now downloaded onto an average 35,000 iPads every day, a 40% increase since February.

The average number of downloads for its sister title The Sunday Times is 31,000 – a rise of 41% over the same period.

Digital and seven-day print subscribers all have free access to the iPad edition and this figure also includes those who have subscribed directly through Apple.

The figures have been released one year after News International introduced its paywall.

Chief executive Rebekah Brooks said: ‘One year on from launch we have proved that people are willing to pay for quality journalism in digital formats.

‘Many doubted if our digital strategy would be successful, here is unequivocal proof it is moving in that direction.

‘We have more committed subscribers than ever before and they are choosing to access our journalism in whatever format suits them best.

‘The growth rate for take up on tablets is moving at pace and we believe this valuable and attractive audience accessing our digital products will continue to grow.’

There are now more than 250,000 joint print/digital and digital-only subscribers to The Times and The Sunday Times.


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  1. But with the job cuts coming and sales of the Times now well below half a million the quality of journalism is likely to suffer.
    What I want to know is how much these subscribers are making the company – and how much they are losing as a result of falling sales.
    While an increased number of subscribers may look good for NI, if paper sales continue dropping at 14-plus per cent and jobs are cut then ultimately it means they are just eroding the product.

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