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Time Out editor stands against Boris and Ken in London mayor election

Time Out editor-at-large Michael Hodges has entered the race for London mayor and said that ‘tough calls’on the London freesheets will definitely feature in his manifesto.

Hodges entered the race as a voice for the Time Out London readers, who he said have expressed a dislike for the candidates on offer and said he will will be tackling issues that matter to the readers – one of which is the littering caused by the London freesheets.

He said: ‘They have a moral obligation to clean the city rather than have a little cartoon inviting the reader to recycle for themselves. We’ll certainly be including in our manifesto quite tough calls for the freesheets to turn London back into a recognisable city rather than a wasteland full of newssheet blowing in the wind.”

Hodges said his manifesto is being created by suggestions sent to in to the weekly listings guide and its website.

In the Big Smoke section at the front of the magazine, Time Out will be keeping track of the campaign and present a balanced view of the contest. Hodges said: ‘We’re certainly not using the magazine to do down opponents to my advantage – we’re very careful about that and I don’t think our readers would stand for that.”

Hodges is also calling for readers to make donations to the £10,000 deposit he needs by 28 March – he has £3,000 so far.

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