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Theresa May responds to Yorkshire Post's open letter within hours

Prime Minister Theresa May has delivered a prompt reply after the Yorkshire Post wrote an open letter to her calling for the region’s voice to he heard during Brexit negotiations.

The regional daily published the letter, which it described as “the hand of Yorkshire being extended to Mrs May”, on Yorkshire Day as part of a four-page cover wrap.

Editor James Mitchinson said it was calling on the new Prime Minister “to articulate her Government’s vision for the five million inhabitants of the biggest of all counties”.


Tory MP Mrs May responded within hours of the letter going to print, the paper revealed later.

In her response, she said: “This Government’s commitment to Yorkshire is unflinching.

“As I said on my first day in Downing Street, the United Kingdom is a precious union, not just between our nations and regions but between all of our citizens – whoever we are and wherever we’re from.

“A huge amount has been achieved in developing Yorkshire’s economy since 2010 but there is more to do. As we forge our future outside the EU, this is a new chapter for Yorkshire and for the UK.

“We should see it as a positive opportunity to build a region and a country that truly works, not just for a privileged few, but for everybody.”

The Yorkshire Post is published by Johnston Press. It had an average print circulation of 26,125 copies according to ABC figures for the six months to 3 January.

Picture: Reuters