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The yuppie is dead: today's readers care

A huge survey
which could give an insight into the newspaper buyers of tomorrow has
found that today’s young professionals are “caring individuals who
believe in friendship and love”.

Associated Newspapers-owned free
daily Metro carried out an in-depth survey of 4,000 of its readers. The
paper has a distribution of just over a million copies a day in big
cities across the UK.

All those surveyed were in the ABC1 social group, aged 18 to 44, and are categorised by Metro as urbanites.

research manager Adam Joseph said: “Urbanites are a vital segment of
our society; affluent, young professionals, they lead the way and
expect to succeed in all they do. But, unlike their yuppie
predecessors, they care about the world, value good friendships and
endeavour to be responsible consumers.”

Some 59 per cent of Metro
readers rank good friends as one of the most meaningful things in life,
while just 22 per cent saw wealth as meaningful.

According to
Metro’s research: “Urbanites have high expectations which relate to all
aspects of their lives, from wanting a fulfilling job and a good
work/life balance to having a positive government.”

According to
the National Readership Survey, Metro has more ABC1 readers aged 18 to
35 than any other newspaper apart from The Sun. It has 706,000 readers
in this category compared with The Sun’s 1,406,000.