The stars of 2004 move on to bigger and better things

Rhodri Phillips
Student Journalist of the Year
Student News Writer of the year
Student Scoop of the year
I have been working at The Journal, a morning
daily paper which is based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I already had the
job when I won the awards and am sticking around as I enjoy working in
the North-East of England.
I am still training but hope to sit my seniors in the next few months. I enjoy working on general news.
I went to Uganda with a charity called World Vision in October to write a series of features on the country’s Aids epidemic.
Ravi Somaiya
Student Feature Writer of the Year
I went travelling for three or four months, came
back, and then went travelling for another month or so. That makes me
sound terribly decadent doesn’t it?
‘m currently freelancing for Dazed and Confused fashion magazine, The Telegraph and Time Out magazine.
That means three days a week I’m in an office, mostly doing subbing work.
The only future plans I’ve got at the moment are more freelance work
Anna Cook
Student Interviewer of the Year
I’ve just started working full time on Closer
magazine after completing the Emap training scheme.
It was great because I was paid for the six months I did the training.
I did the training one day a week and the rest of the time I was
working on the magazine.
I always wanted to go into consumer magazine
journalism but I also knew how hard it was. The training scheme was
great and winning the award definitely helped me get a place on it. I
had a copy of the certificate in my portfolio – it’s definitely good to
have something like that because it shows that it’s not just me who
thinks that I could do the job.
It was extremely competitive – a lot of people
apply for it but there are only five places overall, but I was the only
person who went to Closer magazine.
Claire Ward
Student Online Journalist of the Year
“After I won the award Channel 4 wanted to speak
to me. I was approached by two people separately who offered me the
disabled vacancy. I got short-listed but never took it further.
I’m not in journalism at all at the moment actually.
I’m currently working at Nottingham Trent
University as the Educational Projects Officer. I deal with the quality
and enhancing of courses.
I worked for the BBC doing freelance for five
years. I really enjoyed it, but never pursued a permanent job. The
thing with journalism is it’s all short contracts, which cause too many
complications with finances and job security.
I always knew when I got a permanent job it would
either be at the BBC or Nottingham Trent University. Academia turned
out to be what I wanted to do.
However, I did really enjoy journalism and it provides a lot of skills
for other jobs.”
Kathryn Elizabeth
Student Radio Journalist of the year
Winning the student radio journalist of the year definitely helped me get a job as it’s a great thing to have on your CV.
I am now working for Trent FM and Ram FM doing
both news reading and news reporting. It’s a lovely mix and I’m really
enjoying it. It was the first job I applied for. Actually I was
approached by my boss and asked to apply for the job after I won the
radio student of the year and radio documentary of the year awards at
Nottingham Trent.
I started the job at the beginning of August. To
have left university at 21 and to get a job like this is really
fantastic and the awards certainly helped me I think.
Selina Chan
Student Television Journalist of the year
At the moment I’m at Cactus TV, working on the Richard and Judy show as a news researcher.
I’ve been working there since September after spending about two months job hunting.
Winning the award definitely helped me get this
job because it made my CV stand out a little bit which is important
especially when you’re competing against other people who have the same
qualifications and experience as you.
I didn’t expect to win the award at all especially after watching my friends’ excellent documentaries.
My contract lasts till the end of July when the current series finishes.
Then I hope either to get my contract renewed
– if they still want me! – or move into other genres of television. But
at the moment I’m very happy at my job and very grateful for it.
Lewis Whyld

Student Photographer of the year

I am currently working for South West News
Service, which is a photography agency for national newspapers, as well
as local newspapers.
We focus on the nationals, but if we cover local
stories it will go in the local paper as well.
Winning the award was great because I got to meet the editor at the
Sun, so that’s a great contact and having an award looks good down on
my CV.
I also won the UK and Ireland News Photographer
of the Year at the Picture Editors’ Awards, which I picked up from Tony
Blair- he wasn’t all that chatty- and I am nominated for documentary
photographer of the year at the Association of Photographers’ Awards.
The agency I’m working for at the moment is keen
to push into other directions. Because of that I recently went to
Thailand a few days after the Tsunami and I spoke to the locals and the
people visiting. So, my future plans are to stay where I am.
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