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The spiteful sisterhood

Those nasty internet bloggers have been upsetting our old friend Tanya ‘Big Foot’ Gold. Writing in today’s Daily Mail, in a lengthy essay defending fat people, Tanya – 4ft 11in, size 16 and 14 stones – complains that one feminist website calls her “Fat Tan” and refers unkindly to her “hauling her vast arse out speed dating”. Sisters, sisters …

But it’s not just Fat Tan who’s getting abuse. Elsewhere this week it was another old pal, namely Liz-fucking-Jones, who was lovingly described as “looking like a hang-glider who’d crashed into a rookery” and “having a face like a clumsy beekeeper”. Once again, the remarks came from members of the so-called fairer sex.

People often ask me why the Daily Mail is so successful amongst female readers when it is so often beastly to women (see this week’s ‘New mum looks knackered’ pix of Billie Piper). I always reply that it’s because women are so often beastly about each other. Point proven, I think.



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