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The Queen and Nicola Sturgeon lead 200th anniversary tributes to The Scotsman

Johnston Press-owned daily The Scotsman today marks 200 years since its first edition with anniversary messages from the Queen and Nicola Sturgeon.

The Queen said: “Please convey my congratulations to all those on the newspaper’s staff and my good wishes to your readers in Scotland, and elsewhere, as you mark this significant anniversary.”

First minister Sturgeon said: “The Scotsman occupies a special place in Scottish journalism, and I commend its staff, past and present, for all the work they have done in ensuring its success over so many years.”

Today’s edition features the first of The Scotsman 200, an array of contributors from various walks of life who will share their thoughts and opinions in print and online.

It also includes a work from young poet William Letford entitled The Scotsman 200 Years.

Five copies of today’s edition contain golden tickets worth £200 each.

Editor Ian Stewart said: “For two centuries The Scotsman has been at the heart of Scotland as a nation, covering the breaking news stories that have shaped our past and influenced our future; and we’re incredibly proud to be part of that story.

“The celebrations that have kicked off today are just the beginning, with various events and editorial initiatives still to come throughout 2017. We very much look forward to taking our readers on this journey with us, as we take our step together into the third century of The Scotsman as Scotland’s national newspaper.”

Print circulation of The Scotsman has declined from over 100,000 per day in 2000 to the current ABC figure of just over 20,000.

The Scotsman attracts around 100,000 online unique browsers per day.



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


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