The Oldie hits its 200th issue after 13 years

The Oldie, described by Julie Burchill as “the most pathetic
magazine ever published”, has hit its 200th issue and is celebrating
the rise of “Grey power”

since it first published 13 years ago.

by former Private Eye editor Richard Ingrams, the monthly magazine aims
to be “a haven for fun, good sense and quality writing in a media
obsessed with celebrity and ‘yoof'”.

Ingrams said: “Since its launch, the Oldie has seen Grey empowerment grow and grow.

Oldie of the Year award this year went to John Ward, who has struggled
to find justice for the murder of his daughter, Julie.

all the odds, the magazine is still going strong, proving that there is
a market for individualistic, quirky magazines, not steered by focus

But he said he hoped Burchill hadn’t changed her opinion
about the magazine, adding: “It proves we’re doing something right. We
also quite like using that quote.”

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