The News backs medal for sailors' Arctic convoy - Press Gazette

The News backs medal for sailors' Arctic convoy

The News, Portsmouth, has launched a campaign for a medal to be awarded to the men who served in Second World War Arctic convoys.

Support has been so great it has established a “Last Chance for Justice” campaign office at its headquarters, from which ex-convoy sailor Commander Eddie Grenfell is co-ordinating the organisation of a major petition and the receipt of hundreds of pledge forms, which were printed in the newspaper, and letters of support.

The News has loaned Grenfell office and he has turned it into his campaign base. Just two weeks after the petition was launched, more than 3,500 readers have added their names.

The campaign calls on the Government to honour the Royal Navy sailors and merchant seamen who endured sub-zero conditions to take vital supplies to Russia while facing attacks from submarines, dive bombers and destroyers.

The News is about to launch the petition nationwide through veterans’ organisations.

Grenfell said: ‘We are all so overwhelmed by the support we have received from all round the country, but especially from in and around Portsmouth where so many of the paper’s readers have taken the campaign to their heart.”

By Jon Slattery