The New European to go tabloid and change publishing date as printing moves in-house

Weekly newspaper The New European is set to change to a tabloid size and will be printed in-house by owners regional news publisher Archant.

The pop-up title, which launched in July last year as a paper for the 48 per cent of Britons who voted to remain in the European Union, will also change its publication date from Friday to Thursday.

The move to tabloid is a direct result of the Guardian’s decision to also change to the smaller format, announced on Monday.

Both papers are currently printed in the larger “Berliner” format by Guardian-owned presses, which are expected to be sold off as the paper undertakes a three-year plan to cut costs and shore up its finances.

The New European will be printed as a tabloid by Archant at its base in Norfolk from July 13. It will be a bigger 64-page paper, but the cover price is not set to change.

Editor Matt Kelly said: “We’ve asked our subscribers and they’ve told us it’s not the size of the paper that matters but the fresh alternative to old established media.

“The New European will be smaller in size, bigger in pages and every bit as brilliant as it is today. Plus, you won’t be knocking elbows with people on the bus or train when you read it.”

The paper appointed Alastair Campbell as editor-at-large in March. It is now on its 49th edition.



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1 thought on “The New European to go tabloid and change publishing date as printing moves in-house”

  1. As someone whose Archant role disappeared during the last 12 months, I would love to know just how Matt Kelly was allowed to print his vanity project elsewhere, when the company has an under-used print centre on the edge of Norwich. How much money would have been saved to have printed it in Norfolk instead over the past year? Funds which could have been put into Archant’s other titles, particularly the flagship EDP, which has seen the depth of its political coverage go through the floor, in terms of quality, at the expense of the New European, frankly.

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