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The New European publishes 100th issue after starting as 'pop-up' paper only planned for four-week run

It was a spur of the moment creation in the wake of a referendum result that split Britain in two and was only planned for a four-week run, but The New European has now published its 100th issue.

The paper, owned by Archant and created by the regional publisher’s chief content officer Matt Kelly, also its editor, was described as a “pop-up newspaper” when it launched on July 8 2016.

The launch came just two weeks after Britain had voted to leave the European Union, with the title declaring itself “the new pop-up paper for the 48 per cent” of Remain voters under the masthead.

Since then its statement front pages – all of which are collected in its latest and 100th edition – have become a hallmark of the brand under former Mirror man Kelly.

The New European’s 100 front pages

At a party celebrating the milestone last week, Kelly said TNE had nearly 8,000 subscribers with a low churn rate. The weekly title sells at a cover price of £2.50.

Editor-at-large Alistair Campbell, former spin doctor to Number 10 under Tony Blair, told the gathering that “once I get past the spread [in the paper] I struggle with it because it is such a quality newspaper”.

He was said to have contacted Kelly about the publication and supported it when told its cause was putting a stop to Brexit.

Writing in the paper’s 100th edition, Kelly said: “We’ve never tried to be a newspaper in the traditional sense of the word.

“Though we insist on accuracy and strive to provide an entertaining and enlightening package of content each week, we’ve never really tried to cover the week’s news in a through way.

“Instead we prefer to think we are giving a voice to the eclectic arguments, insight and analysis, across a vast spectrum of topics that keep alive the idea that Brexit should, and can, be stopped.

“That is our unequivocal manifesto. In so many ways, we wish this newspaper never had cause to exist. But in the circumstances, we are very glad it does.”

The New European’s only full-time staff member is deputy editor Jasper Copping. Its roster of contributors have included journalist Jonathan Freedland, playwright Bonnie Greer, former Times night editor Liz Gerard and writer A C Grayling.



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2 thoughts on “The New European publishes 100th issue after starting as 'pop-up' paper only planned for four-week run”

  1. Glossing over the cover of No 29, about which Matt Kelly has just had a Twitter spat with its designer, yet again I am forced to make the point that The New European is only a mall part of Mr Kelly’s remit. What is he doing about Archant’s other printed titles – many of which look as if they need to be offered a last cigarette and put out of their misery? And given that someone senior within Prospect House has voiced the opinion that perhaps TNE isn’t actually making a profit – maybe it’s time to pull the plug anyway, following other successful company ventures such as the Dublin Daily and Paranormal Norfolk.

  2. The New European exists solely to keep alive neo liberalism. The EU is simply seen as a major ally in that quest. Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, Alistair Campbell and the neo liberal right wing are heavily involved in keeping this publication afloat. Its like actors who own their own production companies – its a way of keeping employed when no-one else wants to employ you anymore

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