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The Mirror has superior corrections

Ian Mayes, The Guardian’s readers’ editor, has forgotten (Press
Gazette, 27 May) that for the past four years the Daily Mirror has also
had a corrections column on its letters page.

The system our newspapers operate doesn’t just compare favourably with what happens on other newspapers.

is clearly superior, as it provides a daily opportunity to put wrongs
right – a fair proportion of which are requested by journalists whose
copy has been messed about with.

The problem, as exposed by the
controversy over The Guardian, is that there is a danger of the worst
errors not being addressed while minor ones swiftly are. We do our best
to deal with this on the Mirror. But whatever complaints are made about
the effectiveness of the system, at least we are in a daily, public
dialogue with our readers – which is more than can be said for the
other Fleet Street dailies.

David Seymour Readers’ editor Daily Mirror



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