The Lite at the end of the circulation tunnel?

A short hop away from Belfast, another big city is also gearing up
for a newspaper launch. The Manchester Evening News has boldly opted to
follow in the Evening Standard’s footsteps by putting out a free

It’s chosen the same (ghastly) name – the Lite – but has
opted to make it the final edition of the day, rather than the
lunchtime edition that the Standard chose.

That seems a sound choice, but nonetheless it’s a bold gamble.

For a long time, regional editors have been talking more about ‘reach’ than they have about circulation.

if the Lite’s aimed-for distribution of 10,000 doesn’t put an
equivalent hole in the main MEN’s circulation, they’ll feel vindicated.

Either way, one thing is for sure. The age of the free daily is well and truly here.

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