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The inside story: our editor's liver

Axegrinder raises his glass (filled with non-alcoholic German wine, obviously) to Marc Astley, editor of the Express & Echo in Exeter, who is currently putting his booze intake under the spotlight in an experiment for BBC Radio Devon. Astley, who is known to like a drop of red wine and the odd can of Kronenbourg 1664, will be examined by a liver expert at the end of the challenge and told just how much – or how little – damage he is doing to his body.

‘If nothing else, this whole process has made me stop, think and question my habits and it has prompted people I know to look at their lifestyles too,’says Astley. ‘I’ve consumed more than 30 units over a seven-day period – that’s nine more than is recommended for a man.”

We love that sentence, especially the ‘more than 30 units’bit. Go on Marc, tell us exactly how many ‘more than 30″. Or are there some things the readers of the Express & Echo are better off not knowing?



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