The Brit sportsdesks hoping to urn cash for charity - Press Gazette

The Brit sportsdesks hoping to urn cash for charity

The finest minds from Britain's sportsdesks are ready to battle for national honour against the Aussies in the Ashes.

Some 22 British teams will battle it out with bets over the coming weeks in Press Gazette's Betfair Ashes Challenge.

Each contender has been credited with £250 to spend in their Betfair account. The player with the most money in their account at the end of the final Ashes Test match wins tickets to the Cheltenham Festival.

The sporting legends going in to battle for British pride are:

Dan Roebuck — The Guardian
Kevin Dunne — The Sun
Julian Waters — Sky Sports News
Neil Harnett — The Journal (Newcastle)
Chris Ostick — Manchester Evening News
Matthew Engel — Financial Times
Fraser Whitby — The Daily Express
Mark Langdon — Racing Post
Andrew Liddell — Daily Express
Mike Stanford — Daily Mail
Sean Boyle — Derbyshire Times
Mike Turner — Salisbury Journal
Richard Frediani — Granada Reports
Paul Taylor — Nottingham Evening Post
James Pinniger — Hayters Teamwork Sports Press Agency
Brian Oliver — The Observer
Ian Reeves — Press Gazette
Gershon Portnoi — Nuts
John Wardle — The Wardle Agency
James Piercy — M & Y News Agency
Mark Flanagan — The Press (Dewsbury)
Steven Baxter — Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press

They'll be taking on teams from Australian sportsdesks, including The Sydney Morning Herald.

We'll be tracking their progress over the following weeks in the pages of Press Gazette. You can also see updates at