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Terry Manners and son launch video news website in Malta

Former Western Daily Press editor Terry Manners has launched a video news website with his son Justin based in Malta.

Manners has launched This is Malta, which is backed by the Malta Tourist Authority, in addition to his job as assistant editor of The Times and Sunday Times of Malta.

The site recently teamed up with Air Malta and the Malta Tourist Authority to secure a free holiday for Tom Frankenburg who advertised on Youtube to give his own holiday for two to Malta away after being dumped by his girlfriend.

Terry said: ‘Justin is the new age … the younger generation now think and write differently. Every month there is a new way of doing it.

“And a lot of newspaper people, who are highly professional in their art, have not caught up. Even some of the younger ones … they are far too precious.

‘The newspaper business (not all) is still not connecting with the internet properly in modern speak, humour and interaction … just like the old advertising/editorial divide. Very sad, but it will happen when the dinosaurs (whom I love) move on with me to the Backbench in the Sky. And the overblown egos of some of the Forty Somethings move on too.”



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