Tattooing title has designs on Europe after 100th issue

Tattooing magazine Skin Deep has raised its price and pagination to coincide with its 100th issue.

The price has increased from £3.35 to £3.95 and the special commemorative issue has 100 pages, rather than the normal 68.

It includes the findings of a survey of 100 British tattooists and reveals that older readers are frustrated with the growing number of celebrities sporting tattoos and feel it is becoming too mainstream.

Editor Sally Feldt said the team had been planning the 100th issue for the past year. “A lot of people are surprised there is so much to write about every month but we have more than enough material,” she told Press Gazette.

Skin Deep launched as a bimonthly in 1994 and turned monthly due to growing demand. Despite several US magazines being available in the UK and a growing number of European launches, Feldt said Skin Deep had no serious UK competition.

Feldt, who has around 10 tattoos herself, is considering a foreignlanguage edition. “We have thought about pushing a bit more into Europe because it’s an expanding market” she said. Feldt runs the magazine with full-time art director Perry Rule.

By Ruth Addicott

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