Take A Break's National Wedding Day going global

National Wedding Dress Day, launched by Bauer title Take a
, is going global, as media in China, Russia, the US and
Australia take up the charity stunt.

The event, where women will be sponsored to wear their
wedding dresses on 25 August at work or play, for a charity of
their choice, was initially a UK-based proposition, but interest
from abroad may yet propel the idea into an international event.

In the UK, more than 80 events have been scheduled,
with Take a Break readers registering via the website

The publication said it
has picked up interest from a number of publications worldwide,
including World News Journal, based in Beijing, Australian publisher
ACP’s weekly Take Five, Russian women’s weekly Chas
Dlja Vas
and also Bauer USA.

Editor John Dale said: “It’s snowballing.
Women love their wedding
dresses and hate having to put them in
the wardrobe after wearing them for
one day. This is the excuse thousands
of women want — to get their dresses
out again for a good cause.”

He added: “But the wonderful thing
is how this sentiment is international.
It knows no boundaries. We’ve
already had solid interest from Russia,
China and Australia — without
prompting — and we expect much more as the ball continues to

I think it will go truly worldwide and if it does, it’s unprecedented,
a piece of media history.”
Anait Amirkhanyan, editor of Chas Dlja Vas, a Bauer publication
which has a circulation of more than 400,000, said: “As soon
as I saw this idea, I knew it would appeal to Russian women.
We love our weddings and our wedding dresses just like British
women, and this is a chance to wear them again. It is universal.”

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