“Tabloid journos should beware” - following McKennitt privacy win

Canadian folk-singer Loreena McKennitt's court win today upholding her right to privacy could have major ramifications for the tabloid press, according to leading media lawyer Caroline Kean from Wiggin.

She said: "There is a certain type of celebrity who needs the media more than the media needs them, and it is unlikely that this decision will have any profound effect on well-established titles like Heat and Closer.

"But the publishers of Sunday tabloid revelations and unauthorised biographies do need to beware. The Court has made it plain it will issue injunctions to protect people in the public eye – which includes politicians and heads of public companies – from revelations being made about anything where they 'had a reasonable expectation of privacy' by their friends, former partners and employees (whether or not they have signed a confidentiality agreement) unless there is a serious public interest in the material being made public.

"It is unlikely that we would have been entertained by the nanny's revelations about the Beckhams if a case came before the Court now, and there is a real risk we would be unaware of the Blairs' new age tendencies and expansion into property owning.

"McKennitt can be distinguished as one of the very rare celebrities who carefully guards her personal privacy and not every celebrity will be granted the same protection – but the Courts have confirmed a powerful new weapon in the hands of people with something to hide."

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