T&A grabs first interview with BBC's BNP spy

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus published an exclusive interview with British National Party mole Andy Sykes on the day the BBC documentary The Secret Agent was aired.

Sykes was the BNP organiser for the Bradford area and told journalist Tim Wyatt how he had begun to find its policies “abhorrent”.

The Telegraph and Argus splashed on the story and devoted a three-page spread to it.

Editor Perry Austin-Clarke said: “We have been campaigning vigorously against the BNP since they first started to put forward candidates in Bradford’s local elections a couple of years ago.

“That campaign has won us a great deal of praise and support among decent, ordinary readers and we were able to use our contacts – particularly with the local TUC branch – to gain exclusive access to Andy Sykes days before the programme was aired.

“As a result, we were able to give readers an in-depth insight into why Mr Sykes decided to put his neck on the line to expose this nasty, racist group of activists operating in the Bradford area. Mr Sykes is a very brave man.”

The BBC said it had taken security measures to protect Sykes from any reprisals.

Material from the documentary has been handed to police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Programme producer Karen Wightman added: “We hope charges will be made.”

By Dominic Ponsford

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