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Sunday Sun to add new sections and extra pages

The Sunday Sun will be relaunched on 10 August with 20 per cent more pagination and a new three-section format.

The Trinity Mirror-owned Sunday paper for Newcastle will lose its middle sections – Sunday Sun 2 and Drive -which are currently stapled to the main paper, and introduce two new pullout supplements in an attempt to compete more fiercely with the nationals.

The new supplement for women, mode, will carry interviews with local people and cover fashion, gossip and love stories. It also contains an expanded entertainment section.

The third section, Choice, is a guide to holidays, cars, jobs, houses and relationships and will contain regular prizes and giveaways.

“Women, young people, sports fans and older citizens, are all in our sights,” said Sunday Sun editor Peter Montellier.

“But most of all, we’re broadening the appeal of a newspaper that’s been serving the region since 1919.

“And it’s an exciting time, too – after all, when did any editor last get a chance to add so many pages of new content to their paper?” The paper’s ABC circulation figure for the period July to December 2002 was 91,937.

By Mary Stevens