Sunday Business editor exits ahead of relaunch

Nils Pratley is leaving Sunday Business just nine months after he took over as editor from Jeff Randall.

When the Barclay brothers’ paper starts being produced by the Press Association from January, publisher Andrew Neil will be editor-in-chief, aided by two executive editors, Ian Watson, business editor of The Scotsman, and Richard Northedge, deputy editor of Sunday Business.

There will be five senior executives and the rest of the 45 editorial staff have been told there will be up to 10 business correspondent positions for which they can apply.

The executives, as well as the correspondents, will be the "story-getters" and analysts, each with a specialist area.

The newspaper is also hoping to complete a content deal with The Wall Street Journal Europe. Plans for a TV, radio and poster campaign for the January relaunch of the slimmed-down, one-section Sunday Business are in hand, with hints that it may drop the word "Sunday" from the masthead and publish on other days of the week.

Watson is already in London, the only staffer to be taken on from outside the newspaper as it sheds jobs to stay alive. Previously, he was City editor of The Daily Telegraph and launch editor of The European.

Northedge has been deputy of the Sunday Business since its relaunch under Press Holdings nearly four years ago.

Pratley, who had worked at the paper before he went off to launch financial website The, was chosen as Randall’s successor after the online venture closed and Randall went to the BBC.

Pratley told Press Gazette: "I’m sad to be leaving but I wish all the best to Sunday Business in the future. I am going to take a little time out to decide what I am going to do."

Former Express columnist Topaz Amoore, the editor of Business and Pleasure, the scrapped glossy magazine that accompanied the paper, is also leaving the company.

By Jean Morgan

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