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Sun admits it was fooled by terrorism 'expert'

The Sun today admitted it had been duped by a phoney terrorism expert, who leaked a faked fundamentalist list of Jewish targets, including Lord Alan Sugar, which was then splashed on its front page.

Glen Jenvey had posed as a fundamentalist on an extemist website and encouraged others to suggest names for the list which he then leaked to a news agency used by the The Sun.

Jenvey admitted the list, as well as other stories he had devised about Muslim extremists, were not true in an interview with Tom Mangold on BBC Radio Five Live.

Jenvey said in the interview: “The Sun did not know that I was behind the postings. I would like to apologise to all the British Jews who we scared and I’d like to apologise to The Sun newspaper.”

The red-top has removed the story, published on 7 January, headlined “Terror Target Sugar”, from its website and today printed Jenvey’s confession that the story was fake on page two of the newspaper, with a longer version online.

The version on the website is headlined “Apology over ‘terror’ list con” but features just the apology from Jenvey and not the newspaper itself.



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