Subs to rise by £6 a year for all grades

An increase in union subscriptions of £6 a year for all grades was agreed. The ceiling for low-paid members – those paying subs of 0.5 per cent of their annual income – was raised to £13,600.

A move, backed by broadcasting delegates, to freeze subs until a review of the different grades of membership could be carried out, was defeated. John Davidson (BBC London) told the conference that the £6 rise would mean broadcasters, who are on grade three, having to pay more than £20 a month to be members.

“Why should broadcasting journalists in BBC local radio pay the same as a correspondent on a national newspaper?” he asked. “Subs should be based on income, not on the job you do and the sector you are in.” NUJ annual subscriptions have topped £4m for the first time due to an increase in membership. The union’s annual accounts show an overall surplus of £229,000 – £103,000 up on the previous financial year. Subs revenue was up 7 per cent on last year to £4,028,995.

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