Student journalists are shortlisted

The first shortlists for Press Gazette’s Student Journalism Awards have been announced. They are:

Feature writer: Anushka Asthana, City University; Catherine Bennett, Trinity Mirror Training Scheme; Craig Bloomfield, Cardiff University; Maria Davies, Writers Bureau College of Journalism; Christopher Henry, City College, Brighton; Kate Maxwell, City University; John Stepek, City University; Natalie Stevenson, City University.

Interviewer: Hannah Crush, City of Wolverhampton College; Jane Fryer, City University; Oliver Lindberg, Cardiff University; Bernadette McNulty, Goldsmiths College; Simon Spark, Trinity and All Saints, Leeds.

News writer: Hannah Crush; City of Wolverhampton College; Allan Gunton, Coieg Gwent; Scott McDermott, Trinity Mirror Training Scheme; Caroline Muspratt, City University; Chris Musson, Cumbria Institute of the Arts; Rebecca Sheppard, Harlow College.

Online journalist: Andrew Ellson, Goldsmiths College; Helen Groom, University of Westminster; Hasina Khan, The Nottingham Trent University; Anna McDermott, Westminster University.

Radio journalist: Clare Barden, Goldsmiths College; Steven Corbett, Bournemouth University; Fiona Harris, Goldsmiths College; Gareth Jones, Goldsmiths College; Stephanie Lloyd, Trinity and All Saints, Leeds; Shumon Rahman, Trinity and All Saints; Steven J Spark, Trinity and All Saints.

Scoop: Lucy Ballinger, Cardiff School of Journalism; Helena Iveson, City University; Jamie Livingstone, Trinity Mirror Training Scheme; Scott McDermott, Trinity Mirror Training Scheme; Chris Musson, Cumbria Institute of the Arts; Emily Nash, Cardiff School of Journalism; Jennifer Taylor, PMA Training.

Team: Ecity, City University; Islington Post, City University; Dedicated, Cardiff University; Leeds Today, Trinity and All Saints; About This Week, Goldsmiths College; Blunt, Cardiff University; Plan B, City University; Fabian Society Magazine, London College of Printing.

Television journalist: Sandra Baker, Trinity and All Saints, Leeds; Terence Brennhan, The Nottingham Trent University; Laura Guthrie, Grimsby College; Angela Hunt, University of Central Lancashire; Shumon Rahman, Trinity and All Saints.

The shortlist for Student Photographer will be published next week.

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