Stryker McGuire seeks investors for new slow journalism title

Former London bureau chief of Newsweek, Stryker McGuire, is launching a new publication, International Quarterly, full of ‘slow journalism”, reports The Independent.

McGuire is going against the grain of the ‘bite-sized’media movement, McGuire plans on offering 6,000 word articles at a rate of £1.50 a word for the journalists writing them.

He said: ‘”I want to… get back to slow journalism. It’s a return to an old way of doing things.”

McGuire needs to find 70 patrons willing to stump up £6,000 a year to fund his venture, which will have a cover price of £8. “There are people who are worth that – think about what lawyers or bankers make,” he said.

“London is a much more international city than New York or Washington, because Britain is not a superpower. The City of London is more international than Wall Street.”

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