Starring roles for volunteers

Video may have killed the radio star – but it could make heroes of
the country’s millions of volunteers. And it could give your readers
the chance to see their own film appear on national television or at
cinemas across the country.

Volunteer Britain is a competition
led by CSV as part of the Year of the Volunteer. Budding Spielbergs
simply need to make a short film showing that volunteering isn’t dull –
and how can it be when volunteers mentor young people, work in prisons,
save the environment, teach reading, cut hospital waiting lists, train
guide dogs?

To find out more, visit
www.csv.org.uk/volunteerbritain. And if you want to take part but don’t
have film-making skills or don’t know any volunteers, don’t panic –
contact us and we’ll help you out.

The closing date for entries is 16 September.

Sue Farrington, director of corporate affairs, CSV

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